GameSave.Info Statistics!

Most games are for Windows?
This doesn't reflect many DLC.
This chart shows games that utilize a particular technology. This category is almost a catch-all
The database only records the region for a game if the save for it is specific to that region. This hasn't come up much, but unsurprisingly most of the entries are for the USA.
Not many games have saves that are specific to what kind of media they came on. This is mostly older games.
This is a fun look at all the different "double dipping" titles that get tagged on to successive versions of a game.
This is an interesting one. This shows where games tend to keep their saves. Fortunately, My Documents has taken over as the king of save locations. Just a few short years ago games were mostly still keeping their saves in the install folder. Windows Vista and later have a "Saved Games" folder, but as you can see here it's only used in about 2% of games.
Put your keys in local_machine, people.
This doesn't really demonstrate anything, but that just makes it more interesting.
This shows the names that saves tend to have. Only names with more than two occurances are shown.
This shows the paths (relative to the root of the install folder or whatever) that are typically used for saves. Only paths with more than four occurances are shown.
This site wouldn't be anything without the contributions from these people, so I guess they deserve a chart.
* - This chart is omitting entries that have no value, so it should not be seen as a representative of real-world statistics.
† - Game versions in this database are only broken down by save compatability. If a game gets re-released as special edition, an HD re-release, a CD and a floppy edition, in Spain and in Mexico, as long as the saves are all the same, they only get one entry. This means that this particular chart is not a good representation of real-world statistics.
‡, §, ‖, ¶.[1